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Eighth-grade phenom Chris Lewis offering basketball scholarships

In a time where grant offers are entrance progressing and earlier, it should be no astounded that eighth-grader Chris Lewis has captivated a courtesy of college basketball coaches.

Lewis, a son of former NFL actor Mo Lewis, has already been offering scholarships from New Mexico and Memphis, according to a Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

While being usually 14, Lewis already has a earthy distance of some college players notwithstanding not carrying played in high school.

The 6-7, 190-pound brazen dominated in center propagandize and tender coaches during a weekend AAU contest to land both offers Monday.

“They adore a fact that he’s 6-7 during 14 years old, and has been personification during a high turn on a AAU circuit for a final 3 years,” Milton (Alpharetta, Ga.) manager David Boyd told a Journal-Constitution. “He has an superb jaunty extraction with his father’s football accomplishments.

“I have been watchful for that initial offer to arrive … and it finally came today. we knew it was entrance since Chris is that good, has that most upside and that most potential.”

Lewis could yield an evident assistance to Milton, that has won a Class AAAAA state pretension in dual of a past 3 years.

“I consider he has a good possibility to start for us as a freshman, and that tells we a lot,” Boyd told a Journal-Constitution. “He would’ve played a lot for us this past deteriorate if a GHSA manners authorised an eighth-grader to play on a high propagandize team. He’s that good. In center school, he was dunking all over a place with both his right and left hand. That’s something special about Chris; he has an supernatural ability to use both of his hands really well.”

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